Shoes are more than just accessories. Shoes pay honor to the soldiers of the past, on whose shoulders we all stand, in a variety of shapes. The best men’s shoes on the market have you covered, whether you’re searching for a pair of formal shoes to go with your new two-button suit, an option to wow a Saturday coffee date, or bulletproof exercise sneakers to get you through the next set. All you have to do now is look for them.

Craftsmanship is never cheap, and neither are quality shoes. However, rest assured that many of these menswear labels have been producing footwear for decades, if not longer. Longevity in business does not occur by chance or by substandard workmanship, and these styles on Mithumart have endured both changing trends and high expectations.

Men’s Boots

Men's Shoes

Boots usually appear to do more than shoes. While Men’s shoes are busy debating semantics in a boardroom, boots are hard at work in the garage. Boots traverse over, around, and through every surface on Earth while shoes spend their weekends shanking golf balls. Boots have always been associated with history’s movers and shakers, and I’ll be darned if it doesn’t apply to everyone. Boots ensure you’ll get there, whether you’re venturing out into the woods to conduct “serious” labor or merely walking around the block for a coffee.

You’ll find links to all of our favorite boots below. Chelsea boots, rain boots, winter boots, cowboy and desert boots, and a dozen more are available. Be warned: this guide not only digs into the top options from each of these pillar categories but also serves as a comprehensive overview of the greatest brands. These are the stores where you should get your boots. Why? We’ve tried enough boots to know that there’s a significant difference between excellent and awful, between what will work and what won’t survive a wet-season walk.

Casual Shoes

Men's Shoes

Have you ever heard the expression “shoes make the man?” If you haven’t seen it yet, well, there you have it. Shoes are a vital part of everyone’s wardrobe, and a pair that is dusty or unkept may completely ruin the style you’re looking for. You may wear the most basic clothing of jeans and a t-shirt, but as long as your shoes are well-maintained and clean, you’ll be OK. The most comfortable casual shoes are those that provide ease and comfort. These are the kinds of styles that don’t take much thought, whether they’re worn in offices, on walks around the park, at the bar, at the gym, or just about your house. You can reserve all that mental energy for business occasions, state dinners, St. Regis weddings, and other strict black-tie affairs: the stuff that sits at the top of my wardrobe, the things that I keep at a distance.

Men’s Sandals

Men's Shoes

Your feet deserve a break after everything they’ve done for you. Summer sandals are a win-win since they keep your feet cool while also helping to regulate your body temperature.

Some of the slides were designed for use in the locker room, while others could transport you from the beach to the country club. We asked fashion insiders for their picks for the best men’s sandals to buy right now.

Sandals aren’t always a fashion statement for men. They can, but their main purpose is to be practical. They provide traction and a layer of protection against the pavement, gravel, and other rough surfaces. A top strap or two keeps it in place so you can move about, if not run. Then, maybe most crucially, you feel the air on your skin, which helps you keep cool by reducing sweat.

To some extent, all men’s sandals begin here but then diverge in a variety of directions depending on where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing.

Flip Flops

Men's Shoes

The term “flip-flop” has a negative connotation (even on this very website, as it happens). But, like so many other items that were formerly frowned upon but are now considered OK to wear wherever—we’re looking at you, Crocs and sweatpants—flip-flops don’t deserve all the criticism they’ve received throughout time. Does the thought of wearing them on a crowded metro vehicle or out to dinner with the in-laws still fill you with dread? That’s true! But those days, even for the most fervent anti-flopper, are long gone.

A pair of trendy flip-flops can get you through any casual adventure, whether you’re kicking it at the pool with pals, heading the beach for some sun, or packing the duffle for a weekend vacation. Sure, flip-flops aren’t the most fashionable footwear, but this year, customers are placing a greater emphasis on comfort in their clothes than ever before.


Men's Shoes

Loafers have had what we term “a moment” in the industry for a long time, but the greatest loafers for men feel more hyper-relevant now than ever before. What other shoe, please tell, is more suitable to this precise moment: laceless and soft like the slippers you’ve been reclining in for months; sharp and elegant enough for the post-vaccine life you’ve been fantasizing about for those same months? You’ve never had more alternatives to slip into for summer thanks to the Great Loafer Boom which includes classic menswear companies, big-name designers, and little startup labels alike.

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